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Casa Colonial El Patio
Ciro Redondo #274 (San Jose)

Movil: (+53) 53592371

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Located in one of the oldest and conserved streets in the City he/she is this old building as he/she prays in the inscription of the construction date (1745) that appears painted in their chart cumbrera that finishes off the roof for their interior. The roof is of armor and it possesses an impressive ornamental wealth, where the vegetable and floral reasons prevail, drawn in black and graceful by way of roleo. In the dogs the decorations have geometric character and the splint tapacán has the billetería decorated with x-shaped crossings, dotted in their four sections. The plant is composed by two you cracked parallel to the street and a later patio. Inside the building original elements are appreciated as the pavements of flagstone of sewn mud; the carpentry of doors and windows are developed in form of boards decorated with floral reasons. In the facade he/she stands out colored on the wall a false despiezo that combines with platabandas in each one of the vain ones, in the inferior part a baseboard stood out in form of bocel room and in the superior the facade is finished off by an eaves of spun tejaroz of two of Creole tiles. The rhythm of vain is characterized by a door to the centered Spaniard, accompanied by two big windows protected by iron bars in the natives' substitution in lathed wood